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The ApplyPass Resume Scorer is a super useful and powerful tool for job seekers - I wish all of my candidates would put their resume through this tool before applying for our open positions. It addresses many of the common pain points that we face as recruiters when reviewing resumes to ensure that the focus is on your experience and skills so that we can easily and quickly match you to the right role.
Christine Ueberrhein
Senior Technical Recruiter & Talent Advisor at Roku

Our Resume Tester Scores:

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Length of your resume

Our resume scorer analyzes your resume's length to ensure it fits industry standards. Lengthy resumes may overwhelm recruiters, while short resumes may not properly highlight your qualifications and experiences. Our resume tester tool helps you find the perfect balance.

Keyword Optimization

Get noticed by ATS filters. Including the right keywords in your resume increases your chances of getting interviews by 58%


This involves evaluating your work experiences, skills, and accomplishments to guarantee they are communicated clearly and effectively.


This scores your resume’s layout, consistency in formatting, and the overall aesthetic. A well-organized resume enhances readability & comprehension.


Our resume scorer checks your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and inclusion of important details like contact information and professional links.

What ApplyPass users are saying

“The 1st thing I noticed after starting ApplyPass was my confidence at interviews and improvement to my mental game. It helps you apply to a lot more jobs and gains you more visibility. I ended up with two offers on the table and accepted a role with a great company.”
Dinesh S.
Senior Software Engineer at Capco
Before using the ApplyPass Resume Scorer I was constantly scheduling coaching sessions to work on my resume; now I can quickly iterate and have a senior level ML Engineering resume ready to go for any job application in no time!
Patrick M
Machine Learning Engineer at Verizon
ApplyPass’s free resume scorer helped me improve my job opportunities in ways I didn’t even know were issues. There’s a science to the modern resume that they are giving away for free!
Ken W
Director of Technology at Square

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Resume Scorer tool?

The Resume Scorer tool is an advanced AI-powered feature that evaluates your resume against industry standards and the specific requirements of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). It provides a detailed score and actionable insights to help you optimize your resume.

How do I access the Resume Scorer tool?

Log in to your ApplyPas account and navigate to the dashboard. From there, select the Resume Scorer tool to get started.

What file formats does the Resume Scorer tool accept?

The tool accepts PDF, DOC, and DOCX file formats. Ensure your resume is saved in one of these formats before uploading.

How does the Resume Scorer evaluate my resume?

The AI engine assesses various elements such as keyword optimization, formatting, content relevance, and overall structure. It compares these factors against industry standards and ATS requirements to provide a detailed score.

How long does it take to get my ATS score?

The Resume Scorer tool analyzes your resume and generates a detailed score within a few minutes. The exact time may vary depending on the complexity of your resume.