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Standing out from the crowd when searching for an engineering job can be challenging. That's why many job seekers are using a job search tool to automate their applications. However, finding the right platform for your job search process can be tricky.

EarnBetter has helped job seekers since 2022, but there is new technology that transforms the job search process. ApplyPass sets itself apart with its comprehensive, automated approach and additional career support services. Here’s a detailed comparison to show you why ApplyPass is the superior choice.

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The Complete Job Application Process


One of ApplyPass's standout features is its ability to handle the entire job application process on your behalf. After you take the first step and finish setting up your profile, ApplyPass takes care of everything for you:

  • Writes Custom Cover letters for you
  • Optimizes your existing resume to get you more interviews
  • Matches you with high-quality jobs
  • Automatically sends out hundreds of job applications for you every week.

Now you can focus solely on interviewing and negotiating offers while eliminating the tedious process of manually applying to jobs for hours everyday.


EarnBetter provides users with tools to build a professional resume. However, it does not take the extra step of applying for jobs on the user's behalf. Users must still dedicate significant time and effort to write and send out each application individually, which drastically slows down the application process and decreases the likelihood of getting interviews quicker.

Verdict: ApplyPass holds the advantage here, effectively saving users valuable time, effort, and stress by FULLY-automating their job application process.

Free Career Coaching Community


ApplyPass offers access to a free career coaching community where users can get their questions answered by experienced career coaches. These coaches have assisted thousands of software engineers, providing tailored advice and support. This community aspect ensures that users have a reliable support system throughout every step of their job search, enhancing their chances of success.


While EarnBetter offers some tools and resources, it lacks a dedicated career coaching community. Users might find themselves navigating career challenges and decisions without the benefit of personalized guidance, feedback and support from seasoned professionals.

Verdict: ApplyPass’s free career coaching community provides an invaluable resource that EarnBetter does not match.

Negotiation Coaching Service


Negotiating a job offer can be daunting, but ApplyPass provides you with a negotiation coaching service designed to help users maximize their earnings. On average, this service can help users secure an additional $15K above their starting offer or $30K Total Compensation. Your private coach can significantly help you level up your career.


EarnBetter does not offer a negotiation coaching service. Consequently, users miss out on expert advice that could help them achieve higher salaries and better job terms.

Verdict: ApplyPass’s negotiation coaching service adds considerable value, offering users the potential for significantly increased earnings.

Career Development Courses


If you are committed to continuous improvement, ApplyPass provides career development courses (free for its paid members.) These courses cover a range of valuable topics to help you advance your careers, pass interviews, and stay competitive in this job market.


While EarnBetter offers tools for both resumes and job applications, they do not offer career development courses. Job seekers looking to enhance their skills and knowledge must look elsewhere for such resources.

Verdict: ApplyPass’s free career development courses for paid members showcases its commitment to the long-term professional success of its users.

Complimentary Career Coaching Events


In addition to its free career coaching community and negotiation coaching service, ApplyPass hosts regular events led by industry experts. These events cover a range of topics, including resume writing, interview preparation, and networking strategies. Attendees have the opportunity to learn from experienced career coaches and network with job seekers.


EarnBetter does not offer complimentary career coaching events. As such, their users miss out on valuable learning and networking opportunities that could improve their job search journey.

Verdict: The complimentary career coaching events offered by ApplyPass add an extra layer of support for job seekers, making it a more comprehensive platform compared to EarnBetter. By providing access to industry experts and networking opportunities, ApplyPass members can gain valuable insights.

Seamless User Experience


The ApplyPass team has created a seamless user experience. By automating the job application process and providing comprehensive support services, ApplyPass allows users to concentrate on what truly matters—preparing for interviews and securing your ideal job. The platform’s efficiency means that users can expect interviews to roll into their inbox without the constant need to manage each step of the application process.


EarnBetter requires users to invest more time and effort into managing the job search and interview process. Without automation and the additional support services offered by companies such ApplyPass, users may find themselves overwhelmed by spending hours applying to multiple positions while simultaneously preparing for interviews.

Verdict: The efficient user experience provided by ApplyPass makes it an ideal choice for job seekers looking to optimize their resume and job search efforts.


ApplyPass Reviews

ApplyPass has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from software engineers and satisfied users. These testimonials highlight the platform's effectiveness in streamlining the job application process and providing valuable career development resources.

"ApplyPass really improved my outlook on job searching. I personally did not apply to many jobs per week prior to ApplyPass and I think that affected my perspective, because I was getting many rejections slowly. Since there's a higher volume of applications (and I'm spending less time on applying), I can appreciate the interviews/call-backs I do get, and move on more quickly from the rejections" - K. Huang, Front End Software Engineer | Ex-Amazon

"The events are truly uplifting knowing that I'm not struggling alone to get a job in the current challenging times. You guys are doing a great job helping job seekers get interviews!" - A. Beckstrom, Full Stack Software Developer

EarnBetter Reviews

Some users feel like EarnBetter has not impacted their job search while others feel that the EarnBetter software may have frequent errors when working on their resume. See what EarnBetters users think about their recent service:

"Misspellings all over. The AI app kept repeating "Seasoned professional with x years of experience" front and center, despite my removing it. The bullet points were collapsed to a single one for each job, and the key areas I pointed out with metrics in my prior version were deleted by the AI. I ended up exporting to Word and adding back the key metrics, correcting spelling and getting rid of the insane "seasoned" crap." - Christine Ibanez [December 21, 2023]

"However, as easy as the process is, unfortunately I have not noticed any increase in the amount of roles that actually respond to my application. It would seem that EarnBetter, is simply not very effective, which is a damn shame." - R. Eric Jenkins [February 28, 2024]

Verdict: ApplyPass's positive reputation and user testimonials solidify its position as a top choice for job seekers looking to streamline their application process. EarnBetter has much to learn from ApplyPass.

Conclusion: Forget about EarnBetter, You've Got ApplyPass

Earn Better AI Resume

Job hunting isn't what it used to be. Writing cover letters and a tailored resume is a good start, but it may not be enough to get you hired at your next job.

Nowadays, you need scale. The more applications you send, the higher the chances are that you'll get multiple interviews.

When comparing job search tools, it’s clear that the ApplyPass AI job search assistant app offers a more comprehensive, supportive, and efficient solution than EarnBetter. With features like automated job applications, a free career coaching community, negotiation coaching services, and career development courses, ApplyPass is designed to support users at every stage of their job search.

For job seekers who value their time and want to get hired faster, ApplyPass stands out as the superior option. If you’re ready to take your job search to the next level, save time, and streamline the entire process, it’s time to get started with the ApplyPass free tool. Your dream job is just a few clicks away.

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