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It can be draining to spend several hours a day applying to multiple jobs, especially for software engineers who are looking to secure higher-paying roles at reputable companies. Therefore, developers have turned to automating the job application process to focus on interview preparation and honing their skills.

With numerous job application tools available, it’s crucial to choose one that maximizes your chances of landing your dream job. This comprehensive comparison will highlight why ApplyPass stands out as the superior choice over LoopCV.

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What Software can Mass Apply to Hundreds of Jobs?

Job search AI like Lazy Apply, Loop CV, and ApplyPass can be used to help you during your job search journey. This type of tool uses machine learning to find remote jobs and other job opportunities based on your skills, experience, and desired job titles. Most tools can even automatically apply to job postings based on your desired locations.

LoopCV helps job seekers apply to jobs. The standard Looper plan can send up to 100 job applications while the premium Looper allows users to send up to 300 applications per month. While LoopCV may seem like a viable solution, there are many drawbacks that limit this service from being the best. See what features LoopCV is missing that may impact your job search success.

Auto Apply Volume


  • Limits users to 300 job applications per month.
  • Significantly fewer opportunities to get noticed by potential employers, which can slow down your job search process.
  • Lack of automation in the application process, requiring more time and effort from the user.


  • Allows users to automate their job search and apply to up to 400 jobs per week.
  • This high volume dramatically increases your exposure, giving you a better chance of landing multiple interviews and job offers.
  • Automated application processes that reduce the manual effort involved, allowing you to focus on preparing for interviews and improving your resume.

How many companies can you apply to in a day? When it comes to sheer volume, ApplyPass gives job seekers more opportunities to automate their job application process and land more interviews. The ability to apply to more jobs in less time means you can get hired faster.

Career Coaching


  • Does not offer a dedicated career coaching community or regular career coaching events, leaving users to navigate their job search alone.
  • Limited or no access to personalized career guidance.


  • Provides access to a free career coaching community where experienced career coaches answer your questions and offer guidance tailored to your job search journey and goals.
  • Community hosts free career coaching events designed to help you get more interviews and negotiate better job offers, ensuring you are well-prepared for every step of the job search process.
  • One-on-one sessions with career coaches to discuss personalized strategies and feedback.

The ApplyPass career coaching community caters specifically to software engineers, offering personalized guidance that can make a significant difference in your job search. Whether you're job hunting, looking for remote jobs on job boards, our coaches will make sure you stand out to potential job opportunities.

Negotiation Support


  • Does not provide specialized negotiation coaching services, which can leave your job searches at a disadvantage when discussing salary and benefits.
  • Limited resources for improving negotiation skills.


  • Offers a negotiation coaching service that can help you earn $15K or more than your initial job offer.
  • Provides strategies and tips for effective negotiation, ensuring you receive the best possible compensation and benefits package.
  • Support from negotiation experts who understand industry standards and employer expectations.

Negotiation can be a challenging aspect of the job search process. ApplyPass’s professional negotiation support ensures you get the best possible total compensation, while being able to discuss your worth with potential employers. Automate you salary negotiation with your own private coach.

Career Development Courses


  • Lacks a comprehensive offering of career development courses, limiting your opportunities for ongoing learning and improvement.
  • Minimal resources for skill development, which can limit your long-term career progression.


  • Provides career development courses (Free for Momentum and Premium subscription members), covering essential skills and strategies for career advancement. These courses are designed to keep you ahead of industry trends and get you hired faster.
  • Offers a wide range of topics, from technical skills to soft skills, ensuring comprehensive personal and professional growth.
  • Regular updates and additions to the course library, keeping the content relevant and useful.

Continuous learning is crucial in today's fast-paced job market. ApplyPass's career development courses offer invaluable knowledge and skills only known by experts, ensuring you are always a competitive candidate.

Key Benefits of ApplyPass over LoopCV

  1. Faster Hiring: ApplyPass helps you get hired 5X faster than LoopCV by enabling you to apply to more jobs each week, dramatically accelerating your job search process. Stop job hunting and start preparing for more interviews.
  2. Comprehensive Support: Gain access to a community of career coaches, negotiation coaching, and career development courses, providing holistic support throughout your job search.
  3. Increased Opportunities: Higher application volume means more potential job offers, ensuring you have a greater chance of finding the perfect role.
  4. Enhanced Skills: Free educational content and courses boost your career development, keeping you at the forefront of industry advancements.

Conclusion: Lose LoopCV, Try ApplyPass

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The current job market is extremely fast-paced. Recruiters only have a few seconds to browse over your resume and if you're not one of the first people to apply to job postings, you may miss out on a new job. Speed and volume are everything in your job search. ApplyPass will ensure your resume skips to the front of the line as soon as job postings are published.

For software engineers looking to automate their job search, ApplyPass offers a comprehensive suite of features that outshine LoopCV. Apply to significantly more jobs and access career coaching with negotiation services. Secure your dream job quickly, with ApplyPass.

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