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The job market can be challenging, especially if you're spending several hours a day juggling hundreds of job applications and waiting for responses that may never come. But what if there was a way to simplify the job search process and increase your chances of landing a job?

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What is Simplify Copilot?

Simplify developed a chrome extension last year called Simplify Copilot. This tool helps job seekers autofill job applications by logging into an application, selecting the Simplify Application, and having AI fill out the job application. However, there is a better way to manage your job searching process. ApplyPass is a fully-automated, comprehensive softwares that helps you save hours, stay organized, and stand out to companies, so you can get hired faster.

Why ApplyPass Outshines Simplify

Both ApplyPass and Simplify Jobs aim to autofill job applications, but ApplyPass takes it several steps further. Here’s why ApplyPass is the superior platform:

Higher Application Response Rate

One of the most frustrating aspects of job hunting is the waiting game. Simplify boasts a 25% application response rate, but ApplyPass is noticeably more with a 40% response rate. That means your chances of getting noticed and landing an interview is significantly higher with ApplyPass.

Fully Automate Job Applications

While Simplify requires you to download a Chrome extension and manually apply to jobs, ApplyPass offers a fully automated process. ApplyPass submits hundreds of applications to job opportunities on your behalf, saving you time, money, and stress. You can also focus on other important activities such as interview prep and offer negotiations.

Career Coaching Community

ApplyPass isn’t just a company that applies to jobs; it’s about career development. With access to a rapidly-expanding career coaching community that includes hundreds of software developers and career coaches, The ApplyPass community can help you grow in your career. Simplify doesn't offer the same level of support.

Negotiation Services

Negotiating job offers can be daunting. Make sure you're getting paid what you deserve. ApplyPass offers a negotiation service to help you secure the best possible terms for your new role. This service ensures you’re not only landing a job but getting the compensation and benefits you deserve.

Career Development Courses

To further enhance your career prospects, ApplyPass offers career development courses. These courses are available for purchase or free to ApplyPass paid members, providing you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your field. Simplify lacks this educational component, making ApplyPass the more comprehensive option.

Comparing Key Features

To give you a clearer picture, here’s a comparison of the key features of ApplyPass and Simplify Copilot:

simplify extension job boards

Benefits of Using ApplyPass Over Simplify Copilot

When it comes to simplifying your job search, ApplyPass offers several key benefits over Simplify:

  • Automated Job Applications: Say goodbye to manual applications. ApplyPass handles everything for you, ensuring you can apply for more jobs in less time.
  • Higher Response Rates: With a 40% application response rate, ApplyPass significantly increases your chances of landing interviews and job offers.
  • Expert Support: Access to a community of career coaches and software developers means you get expert advice and support throughout your job search.
  • Comprehensive Services: From negotiation services to career development courses, ApplyPass provides a holistic approach to career advancement.


If you’re a software engineer, software developer, or data analyst job seeker, ApplyPass is your go-to solution for a simplified and more effective job search experience. With its fully automated application process, higher response rates, and comprehensive team of career support services, ApplyPass outperforms Simplify in every aspect.

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Dan Klos
Co-Founder & CEO @applypass
Dan has spent the last 8 years helping software engineers level up their career. He created Outco to help over 2,000+ engineers secure top-paying job offers. Currently, his entire focus is on building ApplyPass to aid engineers in getting 40% more interviews and saving more than 5 hours per week on job applications. When he's not at work, he's deeply involved in activism, challenging hikes, and canoeing.
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