Wonsulting AI AutoApply Is It Worth It?

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In a world where job applications often feel like a lottery, artificial intelligence helps you eliminate guesswork from your job search process. Would you rather fill out tedious applications or hone your skills and develop negotiation tactics that guarantees you get paid $15K more?

That raises the question: Are job search tools worth the investment for your job search journey?

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Let's break down:

  • What Wonsulting offers
  • Its caveats
  • Why you should consider an alternative like ApplyPass

Wonsulting AI: Time for New Technology

Wonsulting has made a name for itself over the last few years. Their AutoApply feature is designed to help job seekers apply to jobs. But before you jump onboard, it's crucial to understand both the pros and cons of this tool.

What Are Job Seeking Tools?

Job seeking tools are software tools that utilize machine learning to automate the job application process. Instead of spending hours manually filling out your information for every job you apply to, these tools do the heavy lifting for you. They scan job listings across the web, match them with your resume, and submit applications on your behalf.As a job seeker, this saves you time, effort, and helps you land great jobs faster.

The Caveats of Using Wonsulting Technology

While Wonsulting AI's AutoApply feature can be convenient, it comes with its own set of limitations. The tool may not always accurately match your skills and work experience with the right jobs, leading to applications that may not be as targeted as you'd like. The automated nature of the tool means that your applications may lack the personal touch that can make a significant difference in a competitive job market.

The worst part of using this tool for job searching and networking is it's limitations. Not only does Wonsulting NOT provide a free plan, but their "basic" plan is just that. Basic. You have to pay $19.99/month to send 100 applications per month. This job market is a numbers game and it would take you forever to land your dream job at that speed.

Best Wonsulting Alternative: ApplyPass

If you're looking for a more tailored approach that sends 16x more applications per week than Wonsulting, ApplyPass is your answer. Unlike Wonsulting, ApplyPass offers you a personalized job search experience. Get a competitive edge with our free resume scorer, tailored job applications, and career coaching community.

How ApplyPass Beats Wonsulting Technology

Get Hired 16X Faster

Wonsulting limits their users to 100 applications per month or 25 per week. Job seekers don't have time to waste. By limiting their users to such a low volume, they're reducing their chances of getting interviews.

ApplyPass sends up to 400 job applications for you every week. Get hired faster with more tailored applications. Once you get offers, our coaches can help you negotiate your dream salary.

Personalized Job Matching

ApplyPass doesn't just automate your job applications; it tailors them. By using advanced algorithms to match your skills and work experiences with the most relevant job opportunities, ApplyPass ensures that your applications are as targeted as possible. The ApplyPass software even drafts a custom cover letter to increase the chances of getting a call back.

Resume Scorer Feature

One of the standout features of ApplyPass is its Resume Scorer. While Wonsulting offers a basic, resume builder and review, ApplyPass takes it a step further by providing you with an in-depth score and actionable feedback to improve your resume before you start applying.

1-on-1 Salary Negotiation Help

The ApplyPass team has multiple career coaches, former FAANG recruiters, and expert negotiators ready to help you conquer this tough, competitive job market. Their elite team of experts has helped thousands of software engineers over the last 10 years.

ApplyPass not only helps you get interviews at high-quality jobs, it also helps you get paid what you're worth. Their negotiation coaches work closely with you through every step of the negotiation process.

Benefits of the ApplyPass Negotiation Services:

  • $60k+ Increases to compensation packages, on average
  • 92% Success rate and over 500+ engineering clients
  • Negotiated 300%+ increases and compensation packages over $1,000,000

Ready to Make More Money?

Talk to a Negotiation Coach

Access Career Coaches and Former Recruiters

Another benefit ApplyPass members love is the Career Coaching Community available to all software engineer job seekers:

This community helps software engineers through every step of their job search with access to top career coaches who've worked with thousands of clients while expanding their professional network. ApplyPass community members can ask anything related to their job search and access courses to help them level up.

The ApplyPass Community also hosts weekly events with valuable tips to help you ace your next interview for both free and premium users.

Resume Writing Help

ApplyPass offers a higher level of customization compared to Wonsulting AI. From personalized job matches to tailored application strategies, ApplyPass ensures that each application is unique and relevant. The ApplyPass team reviews every premium user's resume to ensure their applications are submitted to the right jobs.

User Experience

ApplyPass has a user-friendly interface, making it easier to create an account in just a few clicks and track your job applications. Unlike Wonsulting, which can sometimes feel like a one-size-fits-all solution, ApplyPass offers a more intuitive and customizable experience.

Conclusion: Ditch Wonsulting for More Personalized, Less-Limiting Services

While Wonsulting AI's Auto Apply can save you time, it may not offer the level of personalization and effectiveness you need to stand out in today's competitive job market. ApplyPass provides a more tailored, data-driven approach to job applications, making it the right choice for serious job seekers.

Ready to take your software engineering job search to the next level? Try ApplyPass and experience the difference for yourself.

ApplyPass' suite of job seeking tools are guaranteed to help every software engineer find a new job. Don't let tools like Wonsulting limit your career goals. We wish you success on your job search!

Dan Klos
Co-Founder & CEO @applypass
Dan has spent the last 8 years helping software engineers level up their career. He created Outco to help over 2,000+ engineers secure top-paying job offers. Currently, his entire focus is on building ApplyPass to aid engineers in getting 40% more interviews and saving more than 5 hours per week on job applications. When he's not at work, he's deeply involved in activism, challenging hikes, and canoeing.
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